A manufacturing company Dřevěné hračky - Lubomír Klement offers a collection of exclusively original models of wooden toys, flowers and gift articles made of wood. This company has been operating in the market since 1990, and thanks to the width of offered assortment and high quality of processing it belongs to the leading producers of wooden toys in the Czech Republic. From an environmental point of view all the materials used during the production and packing are harmless. The whole collection of toys is in the conformity with the EN-71 standard. 

Dřevěné hračky - Lubomír Klement company is also prepared to adjust the finish of wooden toys and promotional wooden articles to individual customer's requirements.      





 Dřevěné hračky - Lubomír Klement
 Polní 1118, 685 01  Bučovice



Natur toys

Wooden flowers





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